Спрячь снеговика
Быстрее спрячь снеговика, пока пролетающая рядом печь не растопила его.

Игра Спрячь снеговика онлайн

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13 декабря, 2011 в 17:45
Our light is what is needed now more than ever. Let us then look not at our deepest, darkest fears but rather our purest brilliance that shines within. Let us focus on the wonderful changes that are happening in our world today…they are there if you start to look. You will ‘see’ that laying just beneath the seemingly chaotic, there is positive change. Many people, perhaps for the first time are beginning to look outwards to others to support and nurture. Institutions are revolutionising their working systems to take into account the wider world. Our light is growing stronger…and as we come together we become stronger and our intentions for a life of community becomes manifest. We are that change…we are the new world…we are the vision. Let us then share it with others that they may also ”be the change.”

The consciousness of humans is changing, there is a shift that is touching us all, a ripple effect of wonderous proportion. A movement away from old paternalistic, egoist power struggle to a unifying loving creative movement. Our world today is full of hate, anger and violence. Now is the time to reconnect with our heart, our divine love to bring about a world that is both healthy and safe for us and our children to live in.
15 декабря, 2011 в 18:11
РаФ "Rafalef" АбДуЛоВ: ,wonderful worlds